5 Bay maxxcharge Locker


The maxxcharge 5-bay charging locker is designed to securely store and charge mobile devices. Each compartment is equipped with an AC power outlet and USB port that can charge cell phones, tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks up to a 17” screen size.

This easy and convenient charging locker is perfect for K-12, higher education, libraries, business, retail, and hospitality facilities where multiple users need to charge their devices in one location at the same time. Constructed from durable steel, each locker has a digital key lock system that allows users to create their own unique four-digit numerical code, while the LED indicators built into the door displays the door, lock, and charging status.

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  • Designed to store, charge, and secure mobile devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and phones
  • 5 individual locking compartments with an AC power outlet and USB power charging port in each bay allows multiple units to charge simultaneously
  • Digital key lock system with personal code set by user keeps devices secure
  • Built-in LED indicators on each door show door, lock, and charging status
  • Multifunction Micro-USB port for emergency power in the event of a power failure, or administration access if someone forgets their code
  • Ventilated door allows air to circulate freely through the bay
  • Durable steel construction withstands heavy use while protecting devices
  • Full certification to the UL-60950-1 safety standard and cUL approved
  • Perfect for K-12 schools, college campuses, convention centers, hotels, and retail stores, or anywhere mobile devices are used
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Also available: Two-locker bundle (LLTSW10-G) that includes two 5-Bay Charging Lockers plus the Daisy Chain Kit


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