Halton Hills vending started as a family-owned vending company in 2021. We saw an issue with the service quality and reliability of existing service providers and decided to specialize in vending machines in the Halton Hills region. We don’t just offer the standard snacks and drinks, we have a focus on local products and healthy vending, to connect the Halton Hills business to customers throughout our beautiful region. 

Our customers appreciate the local product selection as well as a local business managed by somebody living in their community, who is able to provide simple and easy solutions for their business needs.  The regular service of our machine is key to our business success. In addition to the standard food and drink vending most of our machines offer advertising opportunities, which allow local business to increase their visibility in the community.

We will install and implement the machine for you for absolutely no cost. Pricing and products will be aligned with you. The benefits of our services: 

  • No installation or rental fee for any of our equipment. 
  • We will manage the service and restocking of the machines.
  • Remote inventory management of every machine. 
  • Local contact and availability allow us to provide a 24hour service, if a machine goes down.
  •  Local product options, including healthy vending (peanut free, gluten free, vegan, natural). 
  • Card and cash payment options.
  • Licensed and insured.